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The 11th of April 2012 marked a significant moment for The Elizabethan Railway Society, when 60163 Tornado wore an original headboard from ‘The Elizabethan’ service which ran from 1953 to 1962. The original service was primarily hauled by A4’s until the end of the 1961 running season, with Deltic’s taking over the haulage of the service for the final 1962 season.

The event was organised to publicise the annual model railway show of The Elizabethan Railway Society and the launch of the A1 steam trust’s proposed rail tour titled ‘The Elizabethan’.
It is believed that an A1 (60121 Siluarian) did haul ‘The Elizabethan’ service throughout on Sunday June 1954, with a brief crew change stop at Newcastle, due to 60121 not having a corridor tender as per the normal rostered A4’s had to have to provide the non-stop express service.

The Elizabethan Railway Society would like to express their thanks to the A1 steam trust for their co-operation in allowing Tornado to carry the society’s headboard and Barrow Hill engine shed for allowing The Elizabethan Railway Society’s members to visit site during the preparations for the Fab Four event.

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23rd July 2011 was an historic day as this was the first time in 49 years since a Deltic has carried an original headboard. Looking resplendant in the summer sun D9009 carry's the ERS's original headboard. This event was organised by the Deltic Preservation Society to comemarate 50 years since the introduction into service of D9009 Alycidon. The ERS would like to express their thanks to the DPS and Barrow Hill's management in allowing this historic event to happen,

Look out for more up coming events in 2013!

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